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Behind every organization that participates in today's interconnected global economy, there is an idea, a product or a service to be developed with very high expectations. However, diverse unfamiliar norms and values can stifle your well-intended efforts if you fail to relate appropriately to the different cultural environments and people with whom you interact. 
Rio Total offers intercultural insights and tools to deal with the unique challenges of cross cultural business. Your ability to adjust to new ways of thinking and performing will give you a competitive edge. This effective communication will help you build trusting relationships, as you will be able to more effectively collaborate and innovate with your international teams and customers.



consulting & coaching

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Understanding Brazil & the Brazilian Culture

History, geography and cultural values giving you a picture of Brazil today 

Doing Business with Brazilians

Business climate and the local mindset. Anticipate and learn how to handle different work situations

Making a New Life in Rio

Lifestyle, socializing & services. Family transition. Personal safety tips 

Medical Emergencies/Covid-19

Vocabulary, culture, local medical network and support systems

Also: Catching-up with Brazil for Business Visitors & The Safety Culture

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Shaping your expatriate experience

History and culture of your host country. Business environment. Personal & family transition strategies. Repatriation coaching

Working with Multicultural Virtual Teams 

Adapting communication and decision making styles, building business relationships 

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Thriving in an interconnected world

How cultures impact motivation, engagement and collaboration across borders. Leveraging cultural differences to drive innovation. Work ethics across cultures

Business Etiquette & Public Speaking

Preparing for interviews, meetings and presentations to connect with your cross-cultural audience

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Cultural Intelligence in Customer Service

Anticipating your customers and partners' values and expectations. Developing new behaviors and solutions. Building trusting relationahips. Global best practices


Rio Total Consulting helps integrate and advance individuals & businesses into their new intercultural environment, in Brazil and elsewhere


 Denise Coronha Lima

Founder, Consultant & Coach 

More than a source of personal effectiveness, Rio Total Consultoria programs are key for professionals and businesses wanting to thrive in today´s reality. Denise has helped clients of more than 50 countries (ranging from C-level executives, managers, bankers, consultants, doctors, chefs, drivers, etc) gain insight and improve coping and leading mechanisms by refining behavioral and communication skills, all of which can be easily implemented. As a result, clients have leverage challenges into opportunities and become centers of influence. 

Her greatest achievement so far was designing and delivering 51 cross-cultural workshops (enhancing team spirit & safety culture) to all Brazilian & international crew members of two oil rigs in Macaé, RJ and Rio Grande, Argentina.

Denise is a Consultant and certified Intercultural Coach, holding an MBA in Behavioral Economics and Post-graduate degrees in Distance Education and in Applied Linguistics. She is a member of the SIETAR Brasil Board and also the Foreign Affairs Council at Rio de Janeiro Chamber of Commerce (ACRJ).


Some recent clients in consulting, training and coaching

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books & e-books

Power Portuguese is a self-study guide. It includes a strategic collection of words, everyday expressions and the fundamentals of grammar for you to begin to communicate in basic Brazilian Portuguese. Check the exercises to test your knowledge, and the answers at the end of the book. 


Edição: 1 | Ano: 2015 | ISBN: 978-85-66605-41-9 | 17 x 24 cm | 148 p.

Se você quer conhecer as oportunidades para professores que têm executivos como alunos, este livro abrange: o empreendedorismo, o Português como língua internacional, a parceria professor-aluno-empresa, como negociar e prestar serviços para empresas estrangeiras e a consultoria intercultural. 


ISBN: 8573035110

Este e-book ajuda você a contar a história do seu serviço e produto, criando espaço de atenção na mente das pessoas. São 8 insights, que eu descobri estudando #CiênciasComportamentais e Arquitetura de Escolhas, mostrando o caminho para se conectar com seus consumidores e ser lembrado.


por Denise Coronha Lima

Uma série com 6 situações, publicada durante os Jogos Olímpicos 2016, com dicas e insights para criar experiências memoráveis com consumidores estrangeiros. 


Denise Coronha Lima

Aqui você encontra pequenas ações para ficar mais apto a se recolocar no mercado de trabalho e, também, para ganhar força e agilidade diante dos desafios do cenário brasileiro.


por Denise Coronha Lima


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